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Coverage for SMS sending

SMS sending Guadeloupe

SMS sending Guadeloupe

Country or region : Guadeloupe (North America)
Area code : +590

Covered operators for SMS sending

  • Amigo GSM (Dauphin Telecom) (34008)
  • CHIPPIE (UTS Caraibe) (34003)
  • Digicel Guadeloupe (34020)
  • Orange Caraïbe Guadeloupe (34001)
    Custom originators are currently not supported to this operator.
    In consequence of custom originator restrictions from this operator, the Response sending mode is unavailable.
  • SFR Caraïbe Guadeloupe (Only) (34002)
Last update on November 24, 2014.
The portability More information is currently supported to this destination.