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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I send my SMS to foreign country ?
    A: You can send SMS to 965 operators in 232 countries. We advise you to consult our operators coverage list before sending your sms to your recipient. Also, you have to take into consideration the possible restrictions from some operators or destinations.
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  • Q: I forgot my SMSBOX password, what can I do?
    A: You can click on Password forgotten ? just below the identification form.
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  • Q: I am webmaster and I need to know how to integrate the SMS sending on my website ?
    A: Our safe SMS sending API enables you to integrate and custom, easily, our SMS sending solution in your own application.
    You can use the SMS sending through e-mail (Mail2SMS) too.
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  • Q: If I buy a SMS pack from you, will my SMS credits be available immediately ?
    A: Yes. After your order validation, your SMS credits will be added on your account automatically. However, sometimes one of our payment partners don't synchronise immediatly with our system, in this case you will be credited in few minutes after your purchase.
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  • Q: We are a company and we can't pay online by credit card. What are your payment methods available?
    A: You can purchase by Credit card, PayPal, Check, Bank transfer, Mandat administratif, Direct Debit.
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  • Q: How can I obtain an invoice for my company ?
    A: Whatever the payment method selected (Credit card, PayPal, Check, Bank transfer, Mandat administratif, Direct Debit), a bill is automatically generated. You will find it, in PDF format, in your Customer Area. You will be able to consult, download and print it at will.
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  • Q: I wish to modify my SMSBOX account details. How do I do it?
    A: Log you into your Customer Area then go to My account then My personal data .
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  • Q: There is an expiration date for the SMS sending ?
    A: Please consult the article 10 in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
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  • Q: There is a limit of contacts in my Address Book ?
    A: No, there is no limit on the number of contacts.
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  • Q: There is a limit on the number of groups ?
    A: No, there is no limit on the number of groups.
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  • Q: How many contacts can I add to a group?
    A: The group size limit is 10 000 numbers maximum.
    If you want to send a long SMS (> 160 characters), you have to limit the size of your group to 5000 numbers maximum.
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  • Q: Can I send Bulk SMS text messages in only one request ?
    A: If your Bulk sending contains less than 5000 numbers and your message contains 160 characters maximum, you can send it in one request.
    Beyond this amount, we advise you to split your campaign into multiple requests.
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  • Q: What is the difference between the status Message transmitted and Message received in my SMS history ?
    A: The status Message transmitted is an intermediate status meaning that the SMS is delivering to your recipient.
    The status Message received means that the recipient has received your message on his mobile phone. You will find the list of delivery status here.
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  • Q: Can I see the message content of a sent SMS ?
    A: You can activate this option from the Configuration menu then Preferences in your Customer Area allowing you to save sent messages during a period of 2 calendar months. By default this option is not activated for confidentiality reasons. However you can consult your postponed SMS before its sending.
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  • Q: What is the lifespan of stored messages in my history ? Can I delete them ?
    A: The storage lifespan of your messages is currently limited to 2 calendar months. You can delete directly your messages or purge your history from date. Go to History in your Customer Area.
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  • Q: What is the maximum delay of a message receipt ?
    A: A single sending is received almost instantaneously.
    Regarding the grouped sending, our platform can send more than 3000 SMS per minute.
    For example, if your group contains about 10000 numbers, your recipients will receive your SMS in less than 4 minutes (if their mobile phones are available during the sending).
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  • Q: What is the difference between the API PHP (/api.php) and the API XML (/api.xml) ?
    A: The difference between the APIs concerns the datas return.
    Dont hesitate to consult our documentation.
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  • Q: Where is the documentation to send XML blocks to your API ?
    A: Our API cannot receive XML blocks (See previous Question).
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  • Q: How can I protect my datas during the API call ?
    A: Go to the Safety chapter into the API documentation.
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  • Q: I find some \ (backslash) before my characters ' and " in my messages sent through the API, my SMS is truncated or my accents disappear. What can I do ?
    A: In this case, before sending your message to our API, you have to format it correctly.
    In PHP for example we will use the functions « stripslashes() » and « rawurlencode() ».
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  • Q: I imported numbers from an XLS file saved in CSV format but they lost their first digit ! Why ?
    A: If you have a file in XLS format (Microsoft Excel), during the file export into CSV format, if your numbers begin by 06XXXXXXXX, the standard XLS column format delete the 0 inside the CSV.
    For your sending to France, Metropolitan each number has to begin by 06XXXXXXX or 336XXXXXXXXX

    Before the export, transform your numbers column by using the custom format :
    - Make a right-click on the first cell of the column.
    - Go to Cells format -> "Custom" category
    - Enter in the "type" field: 0######### or 33########## then confirm by clicking on OK.
    - Make a double-click on the bottom right edge of the cell to duplicate automatically the format to the others cells.
    To finish, go to:
    -File-> Save as... -> File type "CSV".
    Now you can import your CSV file.
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