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Dedicated long phone numbers & keywords rental

You also want to receive SMS in real-time and 24/24? In addition to our SMS Response sending mode, discover our custom dedicated offers for SMS receiving, on long dedicated number or shared number.

Keywords rental on a shared long phone number

Shared number

  • One personal keyword
  • Unlimited SMS reception
  • Custom URL routing
  • Automatic & custom answer *
  • Without commitment

per MONTH (VAT excl.)

Keyword rental on shared long number:

Rent your own keyword on a shared long number to inform your customers upon receipt of their SMS through our platform.

Example of application: You give your keyword « PARTY » to your contacts telling them to send it through SMS at your choosen shared number.
By choosing option « Automatic answer », you define the message contening details of your next party that our platform will send via SMS.

We set up your keyword, you have just to set up the action to do upon receipt of SMS !
Country Monthly costs (VAT excl.)
Number of characters in the keyword: 4 to 201 to 3
SIM France (Metropolitan) (+33 6 XX XX XX XX)4,90 EUR9,90 EUR
Offer without commitment.


Dedicated long phone number rental (without keyword)

Dedicated number

  • One phone number
  • Unlimited SMS reception
  • Custom URL routing
  • Automatic & custom answer * (in option)
  • With or without commitment

FROM 19,00 EUR
per MONTH (VAT excl.)

Dedicated long number rental:

A dedicated long phone number rental to receive your SMS directly in your Customer Area or on your application (through Callback).

You can choose to access to all your messages from your Customer Area or create your own custom scripts on your Website to manage your customers's messages in your databases.
Country Monthly cost (VAT excl.) Fee (VAT excl.) 1
SIM France (Metropolitan) (+33 6 XX XX XX XX)39,00 EUR99,00 EUR
VMN France (Metropolitan) (+33 6 XX XX XX XX)19,00 EUR39,00 EUR
VMN United Kingdom (+44 7XXX XXX XXX)19,00 EUR39,00 EUR
VMN Belgium (+32 4XX XX XX XX)19,00 EUR39,00 EUR
VLN Canada (+1 XXX XXX XXXX)19,00 EUR39,00 EUR
VLN United States (+1 XXX XXX XXXX)19,00 EUR39,00 EUR
VMN Netherlands (+31 970 XXXXXXXX)Contact us
VMN Italy (+39 3X XXXX XXXX)Contact us
1 Access & Setup fees. Free for an initial commitment of 3 months minimum.
Please contact us for othr countries.
Availability of a setup for a keyword and an automatic custom answer: 15,00 EUR VAT excl. per keyword (setup fees).
* SMS Sending cost at the customer's expense, subject to sufficient funds.