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White label SMS micropayment solution

30% of comission transferred We provide you a White label solution for SMS sending via micropayment (in partnership with Allopass) enabling you to earn 30% of your sales by adding it on your website.

It's simple and easy. You have just to fill in your Allopass identification number in our Customer Area, insert the script entirely customisable on your website, and earn in real time 30% of commissions on your sales.

To use our White label solution now, you have just to register an account.

White label software for SMS sending

Overview of white label software We also provide you a set up of our SMSBOX software (available from http://soft.smsbox.net) with the logo and the colours of your company.
You can manage your customers as sub-accounts and give them the SMS Credits wanted (after reselling credits).
This white label software is totally transparent.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.